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Hi, I'm Tristan Seifert.

I program, design, write, and photograph.

My Work


CardboardKit is an iOS framework that makes rendering immersive 3D scenes, using Google Cardboard, incredibly easy. Built with Objective-C, using CoreMotion and SceneKit.

Developed at MHacks V in collaboration with Jake Glass and Mihir Trivedi. Won Apple's "Best iOS App" award.

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A Google Chrome extension, iOS App and Android App that allows students of certain school districts to effortlessly check their grades, as well as being notified of grade changes.

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About Me

My experience includes web development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, and MongoDB), embedded development with languages like C++, C, and Assembly on architectures such as the Motorola 68000 family, Z80, SuperH series, ARM, PowerPC and x86/x86-64; iOS development and desktop application development on Mac OS X using Objective C and Microsoft Windows.

I am familiar with the OS X Cocoa and Carbon APIs, the iOS CocoaTouch APIs, as well as CoreGraphics, CoreText, and several other Apple frameworks. WinAPI in C is another API I have some experience with.

Additionally, I design and build hardware in my spare time, and have experience with AVR, PIC and ARM microcontrollers, as well as Altera FPGAs.


  • 2016 to Present: Texas A&M University College Station, Texas • BS Engineering
  • 2012 to 2016: Westwood High School Austin, Texas


You may be interested in viewing my resume.

Freelance Work

I am available for freelance work, specialising in development of websites, desktop and mobile apps, as well as photography.

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Here's some other things I have involvement in or use. You can find some of my work there.