CSCE 445 – Tristan Seifert

Assignment 2

See below for some of the common themes I observed in my classmates' Assignment 1 pages.

Common Themes

Most students are interested in the class to understand the impact that computers play in the creation of media (and how they drive new forms of media,) as was readily apparent from Leul Asnake, Karter Bullard, and Merryll Dewabrata's sites.

Other students, such as Aisha Cabrera and Nate Dunkley are more interested in the impact computers had on society as a whole.

Common Media

Most all classmates whose pages I visited indicated that they use some form of social media. Particularly, Joey Whitmore, Taylor Williamson and I use Twitter on a regular basis.

In addition to social media, almost everyone watches comedy TV shows: for example, Nandan Gade watches Man in the High Castle, while Omer Fiazuddin enjoys The Office – two of my favorite TV shows.

Lastly, I found that Samantha Hay and Seungchan Lee both enjoyed various releases of Sid Meier's Civilization games.

Common Design Decisions

A great variety of different designs and styles have been used on other students' sites. Many students like Grant Hill used website builders such as Wix, while some, such as Akin Adegboye made use of free a WordPress site. Others, such as Ledet Awano chose to design web pages from scratch and apply styling through the use of CSS, while some just used plain HTML, relying on the brower to apply styles, as is the case for Tate Banks' site.

Regardless of how these websites were created, they all provide the same information in roughly the same format.